Restaurants in Lugano

Ask anyone who has ever sampled the delights of Lugano and they will undoubtedly mention the abundance of fine restaurants that pepper this charming city. From small, intimate pizza restaurants tucked away amongst the cobbled streets to family restaurants offering breathtaking views across the lake - Lugano has them all.

The style of cuisine in many of Lugano's restaurants is influenced by the cultural influences of the region. This is where Switzerland meets Italy in a unique fusion that is evident throughout the city - it's not just the menus in Lugano that seem to blend the two cultures so elegantly as it can clearly be seen in much of the city's architecture too.

You will find many restaurants specialising in contemporary italian cuisine, others will bring to you the best of mediterranean dining, while plenty will delight you with their wonderful seafood dishes and locally caught fish.

So if you really want to experience some of Lugano's fine restaurants on your next visit, why not let us suggest a few places that you might like to try

- Buon appetito!

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